Universal Buggy Tray from Trabasack

“Logan’s had his a few years now. Used everyday, I would be lost without it”  Alison Matthews

Universal Buggy Tray from Trabasack

Play Time or Dinner Time, you need a Trabasack.

Trabasack have designed a unique buggy tray perfect for children to use in buggies, car seats, high chairs or around the home. Its universal design means it can fit any chair or buggy making it the perfect buggy tray for all.

The ergonomic and unique Trabasack design is perfect if your child likes to sit in their buggy when playing games, eating or drinking or anything else. Its bag compartment also means you’ve got somewhere secure to store their supplies when out and about. Trabasack comes equipped with a firm tray side which can be used for play time or dinner time and a soft bean bag underside which is comfortable resting on their laps, applying no pressure. The space between the two sides is where the bag compartment sits and is a great places for putting toys and supplies away when not in use.

“Connect” with your Trabasack

Your Trabasack buggy tray can be bought with a special “Connect” tray surface. This surface is super soft and made of a Velcro receptive fabric, which you attach toys to. Using Trabasack hook tapes you can stick just about anything to the tray top which is extremely convenient when travelling out and about or in the car, using the Trabasack as a car seat tray. Never again will you hear the draining call of “Mum! Dad! I’ve dropped my toys!”

To enjoy messy play without too much stress and mess everywhere, you can use a Trabasack Mat which is wipe clean and easily stored. The Trabasack itself is also machine washable so don’t worry about any inevitable spills.

Travel with your Trabasack

Trabasack is a great car seat tray option, great for both toys and snacking throughout the journey. Your child will be totally captivated with full access to everything they need so there will be less need for stopping and starting. Using the ‘Connect’ surface and Velcro can help avoid the seemingly inevitable dropping of the favourite toy or game. Attach the Trabasack waist strap around your child or their car seat and you can drive off! Alternatively, you can use Trabasack side straps to attach the Trabasack to the car seat. It is imperative you NEVER attach the Trabasack straps to the seat belt for safety reasons.

Images of the Trabasack Curve and Mini Connect buggy and car play trays

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This unique buggy tray is a new design is perfect for children to use in buggies, car seats or at home. It can fit to any chair or buggy and is a universal ergonominc design.

If your child likes to sit in thier buggy and eat, drink or play with toys and games, Trabasack is a convenient bag to own. It has a firm tray side on the top which your child can use and a soft bean bag base underneath so that it is comfortable on their laps. In the space between them is a zippered bag where you can keep, toys, drinks and food when they are not required.

A special surface option that we call ‘Connect’ is a velcro receptive fabric. You can use this to help stop expensive toys from falling off. Stick some rough ‘hook’ velcro pads to anything that you want to stick to the tray top. This option is especially useful when using trabasack in the the car as a car lap tray. It means that five minutes after driving begins you do not get the familiar call ” Mum! My toys have fallen off”!

For messy play use a Trabasack Mat.

The Connect surface is especially suitable for attaching toys, DVD players or laptops using velcro or Trabasack ‘Hook’ Tape. Attach toys to the D rings and carry toys or food and drinks in the bag section. Fully washable too.

Trabasack may be used in a car as a lap tray. They are great for toys or snacks when stopping. Use the ‘connect’ surface with ‘velcro’ stickers to attach things that you do not wish to drop. This is especially good for children who might drop a game or DVD player the minute you start to drive away! Use the waist strap to go around the child’s waist or car seat, bum bag style. Alternatively use Trabasack Side straps to attach the Trabasack to a car seat sides or buggy sides.  Do not connect the Trabasack tray to the seat belt for safety reasons.
Stows at the back of a buggy when not in use or carry it messenger/ rucksack/ bum bag style.