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The Best Kids Travel Tray Kit

The Best Kids Travel Tray Kit

Use your Trabasack Travel Tray to Keep Kids Busy

Kids Travel Tray Kit from Trabasack

A Trabasack snack and play travel tray

A Trabasack kids travel tray kit is a fantastic way to keep the kids occupied. It should not be underestimated how taxing travelling with kids can be. A travel tray kit can ensure further safety as you’ll not need to keep turning around. This idea is great for younger or older kids as they can keep up with their favourite activities as you travel. Best of all, you’ll not be distracted every two minutes passing over drinks, snacks and toys.

Why Trabasack?

Kids Travel Tray Kit

Trabasack Travel Tray Kit for Kids

Trabasack is your best choice as a travel tray older kids or backseat travel tray organiser. It gives kids easy access to everything they need without asking to stop so they can get into their luggage or bothering you every five minutes when you need to focus on the road.

A Trabasack travel tray organizer combines both a sturdy tray top, perfect for placing toys, books and handheld consoles on and a spacious bag area. It’s this bag space that sets our product ahead of others on the market as it allows all your kids favourite things to be close at hand without needing constant passing back from you. Most kids travel tray organisers are made from hard plastics and have holes in which smaller items can be stored but they don’t combine a sturdy workable tray surface and also a bag space. With a Trabasack your child can independently access all their bits and pieces and you can drive in peace.

Trabasack products are also machine washable so when that bag of crisps bursts all over a pool of spilt cherryade, you need not worry. Even the clumsiest kids are safe with Trabasack and they come out in perfect condition after washing.

Trabasack was recently reviewed by The iMums Website who said

The Trabasack is very well made and looks like it will stand up well to use. Apart from a little fluff stuck to the tray surface, it is still in excellent condition after a few months use. All of the components are of a high quality and I especially like the strong easy to use zip pulls. It is very useful as a portable desk for using a laptop, iPad, reading or writing on. It has been designed to work well for wheelchair users and would also be useful for children in a car seat or stroller giving them a surface to eat from or play on. A well designed product highly recommended.

Travelling with your kids is rewarding in the long term, especially when you get to your location but whilst in transit, you probably wish you were anywhere else. Utilise the Trabasack travel tray and you’ll feel much more at ease with your journeys in the future.

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Trabasack: the perfect kid’s tablet bag

Trabasack: the perfect kid’s tablet bag

As tablet techonlogy and tablet computers are becoming more and more popular since the launch of the Apple iPad, those clever developers have realised there’s a whole different market available to them: kids. Yes, kids can comfortably (often better than their parents) navigate their way around your standard Apple device but it’s even more fun when using devices specifically designed for their own use such as the VTech InnoTab or LeapPad Explorer. More and more kids are becoming the owners of these hi-tech gadgets and that’s where we come in. Trabasack is the tablet bag for kids.

Use your Trabasack to keep your children’s tablet safe

A Young Trabasaxon playing with a tablet

Whether your child has a child-friendly tablet or one of the standard models, Trabasack is an ideal tablet bag for kids because it’s so versatile, multifunctional and easy to carry. Trabasack’s combination of a spacious bag compartment and functional lap tray means that your child can comfortably play and learn on their tablet, using the tray surface as a handy support and when they’re done they can store it safely in the bag space.  Additionally, the Trabasack range is very lightweight so you don’t need to worry about it weighing heavy on your child’s lap

The innovative Trabasack lap tray is lipped, which means there’s much less risk of the expensive tablet being dropped or damaged in anyway. It can be securely placed on the lap tray using velcro, and then the Trabasack can be placed on your child’s knee and as an extra precaution, you could even attach the waist straps around their middle, making any chance of accidents even less likely.

Your Trabasack is multifunctional

This is a further use for the totally multifunctional Trabasack, which you can use for so many different purposes. After safely storing away your children’s tablet in the bag space, it could be used as a food or drinks tray. The possibilities are vast and the team at Trabasack are always working towards developing new products.

Trabasack is the perfect tablet bag for kids because it provides a safe playing area for your child with the additional bag function.